Forty-eight hours after the discovery of the first cakes of hydrocarbons on the beaches of the east of the Var, clean-up operations, coordinated by the prefecture, began Thursday, October 18.

This pollution is due to the fuel that has leaked out of the tanks of the container Virginia, hit by the ship tunisian Ulysses, Sunday 7 October, off Cape Corse. “There is certainty, but not yet proof. It will come with the analysis of chemical traces of fuel collected on the beaches “, note, as a precaution, the prefect of the Var, Jean-Luc Videlaine. These samples should be compared to those of the fuel pumped off the island of Corsica.

One hundred specialized personnel, military, civil security and fire brigade of the Var – are being mobilised to supervise teams of municipal officials or county and members of the committees of communal forest fires. Researchers from the Centre for documentation, research and experimentation on accidental water pollution (Cedre) Brest, arrived in the afternoon of Tuesday.

” We want a pickup box and professional. Cleaning too abrupt can have harmful consequences, ” says the prefect, who has raised the plan Polmar Land, allowing him to control all operations, as early as Tuesday.

The marine national park of Port-Cros threatened

The most polluted to varying degrees, over thirty miles of coastline, contaminating beaches of sand and mythical and rocky shores are difficult of access. Landscapes of postal card, which host tens of thousands of tourists in the season, where a few slicks of black fluttered again, buffeted by a swell, which does not fail.

The current ligure, stream, marine, coming from Italy, and the ” largade “, this strong east wind that blows regularly in the fall, scattered the patties, hydrocarbon, wide ten centimeters, across the gulf of…