Whether or not Sarah Jessica Parker in the run-up to Christmas is suffering from Stress?

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The Countdown to Christmas is on! Just in the last few days before Christmas eve and the holidays, hustle and bustle, the Stress and pressure of deadlines, many instead of Reflection. The following Anti-Stress tips calm of everyday life, provide relaxation, and save energy resources.


It’s time to prioritize. Essential things, such as the provision of a Christmas tree or Planning the Christmas dinner should be at the top of the list, if these points are not just before the Feast ticked off. Who else is in the gift of stress, you should take a deep breath and consider whether it is really necessary for all the Relatives and friends to have a bite of Europe. Finally, it is much more important to spend time with family and loved ones.


Despite the hustle and bustle, you should not forget to take time for yourself. A small walk or a round of Yoga help often wonder. This helps to get the head free. To make the Christmas stressed-out soul, recommend also massages and sauna visits. Also a hot bath to relax. Our tip: bath products with a vanilla does not give off a delightful scent, but also the production of the happiness hormone Serotonin.


In the preparation on Christmas eve and the feast at the holidays does not have to all of a Person hanging! Here the Team is announced. Who cooks, for example, the food at Christmas, you can write a shopping list and the Partner, brothers or sisters to go shopping. When you Decorate the tree, children help incredibly. In large families, it is also among the brothers and sisters meet to split up, who gets what gift for parents, grandparents, aunts, and co.. This takes a lot of load from your shoulders!

do you really Need that?

Whether you go to Church on Christmas eve, the goose on the first holiday or advent brunch at the great-aunt: Every family has its own rituals and Christmas traditions. However, this need not be slavishly carried out. Stress-free living, if you take only the traditions that mean really something. May you then in the coming year, really want to have the full program!