Whether it Gucci, Armani or – currently – Chanel: more and more fashion houses are using fur in their collections. But what is to coats with fur, scarves and hats that are already there? Can I wear the grandma inherited fur? Or he must disappear mothballed in the attic?

luxury brand

Gucci dispensed with in the future on fur

“From an ecological point of view, there is nothing Better than fur,” says Alfredo Pauly the star. The Designer sold for more than 30 years furs. Old furs to throw away, he said this was a waste. “So a coat keeps you 100 to 150 years. Eventually, he decomposed himself, but as long as you can wear it and not need to dispose of it. Think about it, how many coats made of plastic or Nylon you can buy in this time and throw away.”

“you Wear the heirloom your Granny with a clear conscience,” says Pauly. To buy Second-Hand furs and carry, was more environmentally friendly, than buying a new coat – of whatever – and, according to the fur-supporters, offers in his shop in Baden-Baden is not only old furs, but also new pieces. “Only of farmed animals,” he emphasizes.

animal protection Association says: “the Old fur coat to make the Bear back on the scene”

Quite different to the German animal welfare Federation e. V. sees this and rejects the use of old furs. “It is true that Vintage furs already exist and no further animal has to die for their production. But here, too, Wearing, of course, to make fur more acceptable,” says humane society spokeswoman, Lea Schmitz. You can find: “the fashion company that continues to sell fur products supports an industry that is for the death of millions of animals, which are kept in the most brutal manner and killed, and for a superfluous luxury product.”

art skins Are an Alternative to real fur?

For some time, Alfredo Pauly sold but also faux fur and finds it completely okay. “I can live with the fact that there is this kind of the fashion now,” he says. It is on the taste of the consumer. And to wear a faux fur that feels certainly better than real fur, because we don’t know that it is the fur of a dead animal. But often, the Jackets look so real that you reap still the evil eye. That, however, had become less than before, Pauly. He was also against real fur, if it comes breedings from Torment: “to recognize that often the fur looks to Bob, not so smooth and shiny.” You must take urgent distance.

China’s fur industry

Bloody misnomer: If made of real fur false fur

Of Katharina Grimm

Lea Schmitz art skins think is better than real, but consider this: “a Well-made faux fur today is to be distinguished from genuine fur for the layman. For faux fur must suffer no animal to die, yet also faux-fur ensures, similar to how a Vintage fur that the impression can be awakened, that it is absolutely okay to wear fur. In addition, it is unfortunately the case that real fur is often declared as faux fur. The reason: skins of certain species depending on the origin (for example, the fur of the raccoon dog from Chinese farms) cheaper or at least as cheap as faux fur.” It could also happen that a single real animal hair in faux fur with a woven. “Therefore, the German animal protection Association advises no clothes to buy pieces and accessories, to fur trim. So animal lovers can go to buy a genuine animal fur,” says Schmitz.

What are you allowed to wear?

going to An article that States in 2012, by an international organization for the fur industry, “International Fur Trade Federation”, the order was given that faux fur is influencing the planet even more negative than real fur, because for the production of more non-renewable energy needed. Environmental research Agency with headquarters in the Netherlands can be explained, however, that mink fur affect the environment more negatively than faux fur, especially in terms of emissions. Other experts say that both options need to be critically seen. A clear Directive, it is not so. Whether you want to wear the Vintage fur of his ancestors or not, is pure taste – and a matter of Conscience. And the easiest way is probably to wrap yourself in something that is at best not at all after coat looks like.

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