Thea and Thomas Gottschalk met in 1972 to know and love

©imago/Sven Simon

Since 1976, Thomas Gottschalk (68, “autumn blonde”) and his wife, Thea (73) are together as a couple through the Showbiz-life paced. After 43 years of marriage is supposed to be now, however, to the end, as the “Bild”-newspaper on request from the lawyer of the Gottschalks, Christian Schertz, experience brought.

furthermore, pray for the Couple, according to Schertz, “to respect the privacy of his family and of the further requests to desist.” The separation came just about four months after the fires are put in the Malibu, the common Villa in debris and ash, which has been held since 1993 in your possession.

Since time immemorial, Thea and Thomas Gottschalk combines a penchant for garish Outfits. Had met her once at a medicine ball in Munich, in 1972. Four years later, the wedding was followed by a further six years went by before their son Roman was born. In 1989, the Couple for the Adoption of son number two, Tristan decided. Both sons gave Thea and Thomas Gottschalk, already a grandchild.