Perhaps it was a slip, perhaps, but pure intention. Before Angela Merkel left the Bundestag, to hurry to the plane in the direction of Brussels, where as of Wednesday evening, the heads of state and government of the EU-the Brexit to advise, to be entered on the first row of the Union group. You passed, obviously. At least in the case of fours of fives. Ralph Brinkhaus, the new leader of the Union, sitting on the far left, ignored them.

Political kitchen psychology – some will scold. And yet the scene was significant. Because Brinkhaus’ appearance has the Chancellor made it clear in the shadows. Still, the Union members have not become accustomed to your new boss. This brinkhaus begins his speech, as it had done his predecessor, Volker Kauder.

He refers, in pathetic words, to the peace work of the European Union. And reaps hissing, and sarcastic Whining from many directions. But the man remains cool. He will begin each of Europe speech with such a remark, he says. It was finally his Conviction. So he has the attention again.

Brinkhaus speaks freely, as it has done Kauder. But spontaneously, he does not speak. Carefully, he criticized that the UK may be too hard-will be dealt with. The door must remain open. What is right and Merkel could have persuaded to let him on the left, is something else. Brinkhaus is reminiscent of the possibilities of the German Parliament, to take decisions in Brussels influence. It’s not him, just Nod in agreement. He wants to help shape. “We have quite a few rights. We should use more.“ The Parliament needs to understand himself as an integral part of Europe. The enthusiasm of its members brinkhaus.

This means trouble for the Chancellor. Makes Brinkhaus seriously, it will need to Merkel more often for reassurance, before she decides in Brussels. A lot more ambition in government declarations, as on Wednesday should then hold.