During the live broadcast of the ZDF-“morning magazine” on Wednesday, a woman from the audience came on stage, presenter Dunja Hayali pushed to the side and in front of the camera against the “lying press” fulminated. “You have to actually lie to everybody? Lying press, lying, eating, or what?” the woman asked with an aggressive undertone. Hayali, 44, offered the woman a spontaneous dialogue.

“morning magazine”host Hayali offers the Dialog

After a message block Hayali reported a few minutes later that the woman was not thrown out of the room, but that they will in connection of the incident to talk to her. She is willing to “dialogue, not only here,” said Hayali.

In her book “Haymatland” describes the journalist of hostility and hate you because of your Name and the origin of their parents, the opposite is more accurate. The family originates from Iraq.

fs / DPA