A suitcase flies through the air. Because he doesn’t belong, he knows it well and opens the same. And not see what you looked like here, in “86”, in a German series.

the machines are ripped guns. People fly through the air and the balls and the money was in the suitcase. Blood squirts. In slow motion and to the beat of the music cut dollar fall so freely illuminated as never on the floor brilliantly, and dust.

people stuff Bills in the pockets, people die. To all Pollock-drip action looks like the Reenactment of a Jackson. Only with real bodies. Talk Talk sing “such a Shame”, and yet very right.

The money is, of course, unfortunately, it will remain in the Following, often so subtle that blood money. It was already before. And actually, it would have allowed the Deal not give.

We’re in Angola. In an oil Refinery. But not to fuel it went, but weapons. Sold by East German agents. In order to keep the Angolan civil war on the Run. And the GDR.

The is, in fact, broke. And is in need of foreign exchange. On a Bazillion to Mark the high mountain of debt, and she has the class enemy, it sits, left alone by the Soviet Union, the makes prefer to Glasnost than in economic aid for the German brothers and sisters.

As you may be in a panic and do things that, let’s say careful, not necessarily with the socialism of the founding fathers in line. Of which Germany is “86”. Follow the trail of Tickets from South Africa to Libya to Paris, and always around the wonderful piefige East Berlin.

trace of the Notes

As a series, we hinted at it, never been in Germany. So a history for a series.

“Germany 83” – the story of the East German spy-Martin smoke that is smuggled into the lobby of a Nato General, to find out what the West is planning to do really with the retrofit – was an Alternative for other great Germany-series “Weissensee”. Quite a colourful mix of history lessons and Cinema, James Bond in the history channel.

history tainment to a certain extent, educational television in the best sense, a bit of a bumpy filmed, a little subtle tells and signs on historical movements so crammed that everyone really realized what was going on in the country and the people. It quickly had to go for the Showrunner Anna and Joerg Winger, and their production company UFA Fiction.

Collected then, but prices in Germany and records around the globe. The first German series, which was sold in the USA before she was underway in Germany, the best Start of a German series in the UK, in a 50-transmission areas widely, from 109 countries, was ordered a second season.

Only in Germany, where RTL’s “Deutschland 83” had been touted as a “game changer”, the ten divider faster flat on the ground, the above-mentioned blood-money. Not even two million tuned in. And RTL switched off consistently from the production of the sequel story.

Amazon jumped in. Which was probably a blessing. The series at the highest speed level, more rested, more balanced and more glamorous – earned now, in fact, the success that the first season had. If you mastered the first two episodes, in which one wanders between the remnants of “Deutschland 83” and a pretty confusing amount of new narrative threads, a bit disoriented, successfully.

It was a right pig’s system, the Wingers cutting cycles follow. Human trials for the German pharmaceutical industry, the abuse of a former ZDF dream ship, arms trafficking, art trafficking, human trafficking. The fronts harden in the country.

The citizens, to be naughty in the queues (“What’s the matter just there? No chicken or no pulp?“). The ladies and gentlemen in the offices of the Nomenklatura, the domestic enlightenment, the Supreme State Executive Committee, in which the Muff of the Fifties, as a fog hangs around, a hedgehogs in the waggon-fortress of your reality, ignorance (“In the GDR, no one is alone!”).

again, It is the fight of ideology and identity, of morality and their price. Nothing must give of what you see and it would have never been invented. The narrative stance is seriously, only gently of irony roughened – one might almost say, all RTL-like you lost.

The history have researched the Wingers clean, the characters were much more Richness, depth than the cardboard comrades, which they had in the first season. What has been forgotten, the murder of Olof Palme, for example, deliver the news from the TV, standing around, thankfully, always at the right Moment.

Successful equality officer

famos is Played, Anke Engelke was, as a slide in the Politburo better than Alexander Schalck-Golodkowsky. Balanced were the leading female and male roles are rare in a series that has done a commissioned position.

The Songs comment on, doubles, what you see is not so permanent, so shallow and pushy, like in the first season. The Eighties were back in the living rooms, and explain to the children a lot of why her parents were as they were. It is the only history are threads that are pulled into the present.

of course. The wall needs to fall once in “Germany 89”. Maybe David Hasselhoff was not the Hero of the 9. November, but Martin Rauch. Maybe we should order a fourth season.

The trust is told, and the last of the terrorists, of the years that were decisive for the development of this country in which we live, as all of the years, by Martin smoke-until now, hunted.

“86”: From 19. October Amazon Prime Video